Do you want to reduce your pain?
move better again
and achieve a better quality of life?

KI supported holistic
regulating therapy soles
by Prof. h.c. F. Langmeier

OrmoSys® - More quality of life

had an immediate and clearly positive effect, which led to a reduction in pain, alleviation of symptoms
and functional improvement and persisted even after three months.


Wearing the OrmoSys® insoles

What is OrmoSys® ?


Pain when moving, standing, lying down, sitting, doing sport or at work?
Do you want to reduce your pain, move better again and achieve a better quality of life?

Why OrmoSys® therapeutic insoles can be considered beneficial for improving your quality of life:

Relief of pain:

The OrmoSys®  therapeutic insoles are designed to keep your foot in a biomechanically optimal position. This can help reduce pressure points, relieve joint pressure and minimize pain caused by foot misalignment or other orthopedic problems.

Improved posture:

By correcting foot misalignments, OrmoSys®  therapeutic insoles can improve posture. Correct posture can reduce back pain caused by misalignment of the spine.

Prevention of further damage:

Your OrmoSys® therapeutic insoles can help prevent existing problems from worsening. They distribute pressure evenly across the foot and prevent certain areas from being overloaded, which can reduce the risk of injury and degenerative diseases.

Increasing mobility:

Pain and discomfort can severely impair mobility. By relieving pain and improving the functionality of the feet, your OrmoSys® therapeutic insoles can help people to be more active and move more easily.

Adaptation to individual needs:

Your OrmoSys® therapeutic insoles are customized after analysis to meet your specific needs. This means that these extras are made for you according to your foot structure and the type of discomfort.

Long-term support:

By using your OrmoSys® therapeutic insoles over the long term, you can better control and possibly prevent potential chronic problems. This can contribute to a lasting improvement in your quality of life.

OrmoSys® Therapy insoles offer you several advantages.

Firstly, they support your correct foot positioning and improve posture, leading to better joint alignment.

Secondly, they provide effective shock absorption and therefore relieve pressure on the joints, which can reduce pain and discomfort.

Thirdly, they promote blood circulation and ensure a better oxygen supply to the muscles. In addition, the soles are customized to treat specific foot problems. Overall, your OrmoSys® therapeutic insoles help to improve comfort, mobility and your well-being.

Die OrmoSys® Therapieeinlagen sind keine Einlagesohlen von der Stange, sondern werden erst nach der OrmoSys® 6 Step Analyse Ihres Bewegungsapparates für Sie und Ihre Bedürfnisse individuell mit Hilfe der OrmoSys® KI-Software mit der Hand für Sie gefertigt, denn Ihre Füsse sind Ihre Statik, sie halten Ihr Gleichgewicht und ermöglichen eine natürliche Fortbewegung in aufrechter Körperhaltung. Sie tragen Sie samt Ihres Körpergewichtes durch Ihr komplettes Leben.

Briefly summarized:

Read the article about OrmoSys® foot orthosis technology on the specialist portal of the Bundesinnungsverband for Orthopaedic Technology

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